BARE IT ALL: motherhood

Women undergo many transformations during pregnancy. Some of these changes are physical & visible. Others last much longer and they have to bare it all for you to know & see. We wanted to capture and embrace those changes,  “Bare It All: Motherhood” celebrates the beauty that motherhood can bring.

For the photoshoot experience, with only a white sheet as their wardrobe, each mother was asked to show the changes pregnancy had brought to their bodies.

After the photoshoot each woman was asked to “bare their souls” and share their journey of motherhood as it relates to their body, in the hopes that their stories will empower other women.

“Bare It All: Motherhood” is part of For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography’s “Bare It All” project, a series of themed photoshoots highlighting the beauty of women of all ages, sizes, races, etc.

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Photography by Ben Murray & Kaitlyn Gibson