"Bare It All: Strength" celebrates the physiques of all different shapes and sizes and truly reflect the beauty of natural form. Showing us that beauty varies from body to body, and comes from within, as much as it is reflected in the unique form each athletic activity produces physically.


For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography reached out to find women who feel comfortable in their own skin, embracing their true selves, their inner beauty, and are proud of their bodies and what they have accomplished with hard work, determination, sweat, and sometimes tears. 


Through “Bare It All: Strength” we want to encourage and uplift women to celebrate and share their physical journey and the changes to their bodies, and empowering themselves as well as other women.

“Bare It All: Strength” is part of For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography’s “Bare It All” project, a series of themed photoshoots highlighting the beauty of women of all ages, sizes, races, etc.

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Photography by Ben Murray


Bare It All: Strength