We are RAW!

For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography was selected to be a RAW: natural born artist and was showcased in the RAW Indianapolis: VERVE art show on September 29, 2016 at Old National Centre!

Who is "The Girl in the Photographs?"

You might wonder, “Who is The Girl in the Photographs?” in our video and photos promoting this year's Halloween/Horror BOOdoir Experience or you might be thinking “Who did her awesome makeup?” Well, her name is Jessie Teague, and that isn’t makeup. Just a month ago, after having a doctor check a sore on her nose, Jessie found out she had cancer. A surgery was quickly scheduled to remove it, and during the procedure they doctors found additional tumors. She woke up to find her face had transformed into a “Halloween mask.” “I found out that I was going to lose a small part of my nose to cancer and as a once "really hot chick" I was devastated. During surgery they had to remove the entire ri

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