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You probably have a dozen questions about what your boudoir photoshoot experience will be like.  Trust us, we've heard them all, & here are some of the most common. These details about the process will hopefully answer some of them...

"Like any woman I was a little nervous about doing these pictures. It can be difficult enough to feel and look your best for "traditional" photos but now you are taking pictures that will probably expose things you are self concsious about... but to the credit of Ben I found myself very comfortable and confident that he was going to make me look good!! I was not disappointed! It was a great experience! The look on my guys face when I gave him the book we made is one I will never forget! Newly engaged, I will def being doing a bridal shoot as his gift that he will get before the wedding. Something tells me his smile when he sees me will be just that much brighter. This is a great gift the man in your life will love, and you will have a great time! I highly recommend using Ben!"


"This was my very first boudoir shoot and it was amazing! The pictures turned out phenomenal and my husband absolutely loved them! He was so surprised that I did this and was very happy that did! Ben and his assistant Kait made me feel so comfortable and relaxed and the whole experience was unforgettable and definitely something I would do again!


"This was definitely one of a kind experience. I absolutely loved how my photos turned out, and I was very pleased with the professionalism of the team. Although I was somewhat nervous at first, the photographer and his assistant were so friendly and accommodating, I soon forgot all about the anxiety. I had a lot of fun and would definitely recommend for any woman to treat herself/her beau to participate in a session such as this. You feel sexier. You feel more confident. The shoot was a true delight :) Thanks!


"Prior to my boudoir shoot, I was thinking of canceling it. I was nervous that I wasn't "where I wanted to be" yet & that I was just not ready physically. But then Ben & Kaitlyn came into our hotel room I was instantly greeted with comfort, excitement & smiles. I knew I made the right decision. My attitude changed from nervous & scared to "I got this" & excitement. Kaitlyn was there to help me with my poses & made me feel so comfortable with myself, I just loved her. Then there is Ben, perfect with the camera. He knows the angles, & how to make you smile & he got me in the mood when he played Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack. The two of them together are an amazing team & I feel lucky to have been in the room while they worked their magic! I came into this photo shoot unsure of what would happen, & left with a lot of confidence! That is how comfortable they made me feel. I felt excited, sexy & strong...& now a few weeks later after seeing the pictures, I am so glad I went through this. I have pictures that me & my husband will get to love & stare at for the rest of our life as this photo shoot is for our anniversary. I look amazing, but best of all I feel amazing. I am forever grateful for this experience, one I will never forget, & highly recommend to all women. Your perfect time is now, book your appointment now!"


"This was my first experience at a shoot like this. Ben and his assistant made you feel at ease, no pressure with lots of good ideas. The idea of having a Boudoir Party with your girlfriends is a great idea! We were there to compliment each other, help with hair and makeup plus share a little wine to help kill the nerves. The pictures turned out beautifully and with the touch ups, perfect for photos, photo books or like myself a calendar. Highly recommend for a day of fun and sexiness with your girls."


"After researching many boudoir photographers around Indianapolis, I cam across For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography. I immediately knew this was the direction I wanted to take with the photos. I felt really comfortable from the very first conversation I had with Ben. He answered all my questions accurately and professionally. The day of the shoot he made me feel really confident and beautiful. He had a great turn around time. The photos turned out amazing! My husband even teared up when I gave them to him for our anniversary. Ben is a brilliant photographer, I would defiantly use his services again. My experience was fantastic!"


"Ben did a great job! I was a little nervous at first but he made it very fun and I was able to relax and enjoy the whole experience! I can't wait for my next shoot!"


"Ben was able to do a last minute shoot as a gift for my husband to celebrate our 15th anniversary. He was very professional and made me feel at ease. He was able to edit some photos quickly so I could send my husband a few teasing pictures throughout the day of our anniversary. My husband loved the pictures! The whole experience was a lot of fun!"


"I was so nervous before I got my pictures taken. I even broke out in hives the morning of the shoot. But once there I was immediately put at ease. It wasn't anything like I expected it to was far better!!! Not only that but the pictures were amazing. Exactly what I wanted! He is so amazingly skilled. I would recommend For Your Eyes to anyone and everyone looking to get boudoir photos taken!"


"When I decided I was going to do a boudoir photo shoot I was drawn to For Your Eyes Photography after viewing all of the amazing photos online but I also put a lot of faith in the testimonials on the website too. My experience mirrors so many other of the testimonials that I am afaid of being redundant. However, I think that the commonality amongst the testimonials and my experience adds credence. If it is possible for someone to make you feel comfortable in this type of setting it is excelled at by Ben. He is very professional, understanding, and a pro at making the entire process! It was also very empowering and the photos were SO beautiful. It was very hard to narrow down the list to choose which to order. I would have another shoot without hesitation and would recommend anyone who is considering this experience to trust Ben and you will not be disappointed!"


"The whole experience for me was amazing! My girlfriends and I decided to do a group photo shoot. The experience from beginning to end was one I will never forget. Ben made all of us feel so comfortable. I am a plus size woman and was very worried about how my photos would turn out. Ben assured me that he could capture the best in me and he nailed it!! My final photos were breath taking. My boyfriend loves them & it feels so good to see myself the way he says he sees me. My photos have definitely given me the boost of confidence I needed to feel comfortable in my skin. I will never be able to thank Ben enough! We look forward to shooting with him again soon & highly recommend him to anyone interested in having photos done."


"I cannot express enough how incredibly impressed I was with not only the talent of Ben's work, but his professionalism and energetic demeanor that made shooting with him such a rewarding experience. I was nervous, like any women would be, to meet a photographer for the first time and minutes later start taking "sexy photos". Ben doesn't only make you feel comfortable and at complete ease, but he is able to give you great confidence in yourself and it really reflects in the photographs he captures. You are able to express your sensual side, without feeling uncomfortable, and it makes you feel so incredibly sexy. I would recommend Ben to absolutely any woman. I cannot wait until my next shoot! Every woman should get the chance to feel so sexy! Even if you are doing the shoot for a boyfriend/husband etc, the pride you will feel from looking at those photos will be incredible! Ben truly has an amazing gift of producing stunning photographs. He is able to capture your sexiness while making you feel amazing about yourself! If all that wasn't good enough, his editing skills are beyond what I ever could imagine. The pictures he takes are already amazing because you are expressing a side of yourself that makes you feel incredibly sexy, but after he perfects the photograph with his amazing editing skills, you will be blown away by the gorgeous photo he produces! I am so thrilled I was able to have this experience!"


"At first, I was nervous about another man seeing me in my intimates but he made it very comfortable. My photos came out better than I expected and my husband was more than pleased; I received a big thank you gift in I will have to take more sometime in the near future!"


"I fell in love with Ben's style when I looked at the pics on his website. His work was exactly what I had been searching for. I was terribly nervous when we started the shoot, even though I felt prepared, but when Ben showed me some of the images he was taking I really started to relax. His professional style and desire for me to do well were just what I needed. My photos were utterly amazing. The one mantra I keep repeating is "I had no idea I had it in me!" And I am so glad I chose Ben to help me capture the experience. My husband was absolutely shocked with the photos. I could tell he was touched and proud to have this hottie as his wife! Thank you Ben for ripping me from my comfort zone and making this experience one I will never forget!"


"What do you get for the man who has everything?  Well... I got him something that he can't find at any store.  Ben is a very talented and professional photographer.  I was quite nervous but after meeting him and the first few click of the camera, I felt completely at ease!  My photo-shoot lasted for 3 hours, but I was having so much fun I wished I had scheduled a longer session.  It truly was one of the most exciting experiences I have ever had, I felt like a supermodel.  The pictures turned out so beautiful...I never knew that I could look so sexy and alluring.  My husband absolutely loved his gift....I even created a leather bound book with all of my snapshots that he can enjoy them whenever he wants :) (I think it goes with him on business trips.)  I highly recommend For Your Eyes Photography, not just for your special someone but for yourself as well.  You will feel beautiful and amazing and you deserve it."


"The experience was awesome. I felt very comfortable from the moment that I met Ben. I thought my photos were beautiful, and the best money I have ever spent. I think that every women should invest in some professional photos of just herself, it is well worth it."


"Such a blast! Ben made it fun and most importantly, a comfortable experience. I would recommend him to anyone!"


"Working with Ben was incredible! I had never done a boudoir shoot before and was a little nervous going into it, but Ben made me feel relaxed, comfortable and beautiful! He knew exactly what angles to use, colors that worked best, and settings that fit the kind of mood I was trying to grab. I loved the results (my husband did, as well!). If anyone is looking for that someone to grab their natural beauty in their pictures, and make them feel more than comfortable, I would recommend Ben and For Your Eyes Photography!"


"I really enjoyed the experience. I had never done a boudoir photoshoot before - and I am already in my fifties - but Ben was very good at putting me at easy and making it a fun session. He definitely helped me a lot before, during and after the shoot. The photos were amazing and my husband loved them. I can strongly recommend For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography."


"The experience was awesome. I felt very comfortable from the moment that I met Ben. I thought my photos were beautiful, and the best money I have ever spent. I think that every women should invest in some professional photos of just herself, it is well worth it."


"Loved the shoot! Ben made me feel so comfortable. He does really well with helping you get into poses and coaching you on how you should make your face look! I did this for my hubby but I think I ended up loving it more than he did! It made me feel amazing from beginning to end. It's nice to know how professional he still was when I was down to barely anything. This was an amazing experience and I will do it again sometime and I love to tell my friends about it and push for them to do it themselves!!!"


I had an amazing experience doing the photo shoot. The mood was very laid back and fun at the same time. I was very comfortable with Ben it felt like we were friends. I would most definitely recommend to get a photo shoot with him. I would love to do another shoot anytime."


"It was awesome! I was so nervous at first and after just the first picture Ben was so funny and nice that I was at complete ease.  I loved the experience!"


"I was initially very nervous but once we got started i began to feel more comfortable and confident. The whole experience was amazing. For the first time in a long time i felt sexy and was proud to show these pictures to my husband! After having such a great experience my husband and i have talked about doing the couples boudoir photo shoot!"


"Loved it! Fun, sexy and laid back photo shoot experience. The pictures are georgous! They highlight all the right curves and the little touch ups made me feel like the 10 my husband says he always sees. He wants new photos for every anniversary and I'm thrilled because it was so much fun!


"I truly enjoyed my experience. Ben was fantastic and very professional the entire time. I was uncomfortable at first, but he helped ease my nerves. I love my pictures, but I haven't given them to my man yet. He won't get to love them until after our wedding. I can't wait to see his reaction!


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