Halloween... The one and only time of the year shooting with For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography is a little creepy.


The first year, 2014, we took a handful of girl to a "Cabin in the Woods" and shot them in and around, you guessed it... a cabin in the woods.


Then in 2015, we shot "Haunt & Flaunt" inside one of Indy's #1 haunted house, The Asylum House.


For 2016, those who dared to be the victim ended up being "The Girl in the Photographs" found themselves tied up in bed.


2017's horror shoot, "Boudoir Horror Story," took us out to an abandoned farm where things got very dark, wet (thunderstorm as the sun set), and not to mention bloody.


And in 2018, we rented a cabin in the woods for an overnight "Truth or Dare: Slay, Stay, Play" experience.


We returned to the same cabin the following year, in 2019, for "Cabin Fever."

After skipping a year due to the real life horror of Covid, we returned with "The Bare Witch Project" in 2021.


To help promote "The Girl in the Photographs" Halloween / Horror Experience in 2016, we did a special photoshoot session and video with Jessie Teague, who had just gone through surgery to remove cancer from her face.  To learn more about Jessie, and why she chose to document the progress of her surgery in a fun empowering way while still having some fun read our blog entry - Who is "The Girl in the Photographs?"