How I Became a Boudoir Photographer

A common question I get is, "How did you become a boudoir photographer?" I can understand their curiosity. It is quite different than being a photographer that primarily specializes in weddings or senior portraits, innit? It is a story that most of my clients have heard, so I thought I would share it here...

Eight years ago, after losing weight gained from the pregnancy of our second child, my wife decided she wanted to "document her beauty." She was very proud of herself for working hard to bring her body to an even lighter weight than before she became pregnant. And being a woman in her early 30's at the time, I think she was also comfortable with her body more than she ever had been, even if she was now a mother of two.

She loved the experience, and was very proud of the photos, so much in fact, that she showed family and friends, even though she is pretty modest. I loved the photos, of course, not just because she is the most beautiful woman in the world, but because I knew that the photos meant just as much to her as they did me, maybe even more. (The photo below is a body shot from her photoshoot)

A lightbulb went off... “My modest wife had sexy photos taken of herself, loved it, showed off her photos, and said she would do it again in a heartbeat. There has to be a market for this," I thought. And there definitely was.

You see, boudoir photographer wasn't as popular back then. There weren't as many professional photographers shooting boudoir back then. There were, of course, “guys with cameras” shooting sexy photos of women, but they lacked as much in quality as they did professionalism.

I knew I could be different. I knew I could be professional. I knew I could be creative. I knew that I could take good photos, I’d had been taking photos since I was a kid (on 35mm, of course). What I didn’t know, was how to pronounce boudoir, let alone spell it.

The only thing left I had to figure out was how to shoot boudoir photography, and if I could even mentally do it. Heck, I’d been with my wife since I was 16. She was my first date. I’d never been a professional photographer; could I even handle shooting classy, sexy photos of women? Well that is another story, for another blog…

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