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A 100 Testimonials...One word.

As I mention on the testimonials page of my website, one of the most rewarding things about shooting boudoir photography is getting to hear how much their experience with For Your Eye Boudoir Photography means to my clients. I enjoy reading every testimonial I receive, and I am even more proud to share them. If my photos are what first attracts potential clients, it is the testimonials that help them ultimately decide to shoot with me, I believe.

I have well over 100 testimonials, and sometimes when I get a new testimonial, I think, "Have I read this before?" I've often wondered if my clients read other testimonials and copy bits and pieces, or if they all had similar experiences. So I became curious what key words show up the most in my testimonials.

Sure, “amazing” “great” “love/loved” “awesome” incredible” were frequently used, and even a third of my clients wrote about how “nervous” they were at the beginning. My first guess was that "beautiful" or "sexy" might be the most commonly used words, but I was thrilled and gratified that the most used word is “comfortable.” Over 70% of my clients have mentioned how comfortable they were shooting with me!

With the exception of a couple of occasions, the first time I meet my clients is at the shoot, after speaking on the phone and conversing via emails and texts, of course. So the fact that all my clients have the feeling of comfort before, during, and after the shoot, means a lot to me.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but I’d love for you to read some testimonials from some of my comfortable clients. And who knows, maybe you will write your own For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography testimonial soon!


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