"I Want More" - Connie - Our First Boudoir Video

I’ve asked a handful of my loyal subjects to reveal, in a series of blogs I’m calling “I Want More”, what makes them come back for more photoshoots, giving a more in-depth explanation about their boudoir experiences with For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography.

When I first began shooting boudoir photography, I thought that it would be a “once in a lifetime” experience for my clients. What I didn't anticipate was the amount of repeat customers I would receive. I've have been privileged and honored to capture the beauty and sensuality of many clients who decided to step in front of my camera for a second, third, and would you believe 16th time?

I had mentioned in an recent "Under the Sheets" email newsletter (Sign up here) that I had considered offering Boudoir Videos as a new service, and inspired by Beyoncé's "Rocket" Music Video, decided to see if there was any interest.

"Connie", a 3-peat boudoir client, called me right away as said "I Want More!" Okay, she actually said, "Tell me more about this Boudoir Video thing, I think I want to do one."

I'll just let her tell about her Boudoir Experience, and you can enjoy a short clip from her video above...

"I've done three photo shoots with Ben. The first shoot was full of a ton of outfits and photo ideas I wanted to capture. The second shoot I decided to invite my friend who had seen my photos and wanted to have the experience too, and we made it a "girls night out. My fiancé absolutely loved the photos from both shoots, and has even seen all my unedited photos before Ben does the final editing. He loves them all, and that is very important to me that I can be a "real" woman but that he can also enjoy the more "perfected" look as well.

I originally felt the reason I kept coming back was because I absolutely love the thrill I get when my man enjoys looking at the photos. But what I've realized is that more importantly, it has also served as a way to document my emotional status and inner peace.

With our upcoming wedding, I wanted to do something different, hit a different type of sensory sensation. So I decided to try a short boudoir video with For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography. It was much easier that I thought it would be. We went through each little scene a few times till he thought he had enough to work with, and with close ups and angles, he was able to camouflage my trouble areas and accentuate my good parts. Needless to say, my new husband loves our 'moving pictures' very much! I would do another video for sure!"

Like "Connie", some of my clients have a ton of ideas, they may not be as organized with their wardrobe as she was her first shoot. (Ziplocks, Connie? Inside joke) They may want everything to be perfect, but what they find is when they are actually there in front of the camera, and become more comfortable, they feel sexy, and know that their significant other will love the surprise. Then when they see the photos they see themselves in a different light, so to speak. Some laugh, some cry, but all smile, because they realize, "Wow, I AM sexy!"

​Interested in being the star of you own Boudoir Video? Book your shoot today!

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