"I Want More" - Kaitlyn - Military Boudoir

In November, I had the privilege of being invited down to Bloomington by one of my new clients, Kaitlyn, to shoot with her in the comfort of her home. Kaitlyn had decided that boudoir photos would be the perfect Christmas present for her husband, but it was much more than a holiday gift for her husband.

The shoot was emotional, because it was a military boudoir shoot, but they are both excited that the photos help them stay connected in a unique way when they are apart. I’m honored to help them make than connection in a small way, and am very much looking forward to capturing Kaitlyn’s beauty again and again.

I’ll let Kaitlyn describe her experience in her own words…

"I looked into doing a boudoir photo shoot because my husband is getting deployed and I wanted to give him a gift that would not only be special and intimate but sexy and surprising for him. A gift he could take with him that would remind him of us because when he sees me he thinks of us. Yea, I could give him a shirt that has my perfume on it (and I probably will) but I wanted to give more than that, I wanted to give him a gift that would last and that’s different. That would make him proud. So, I thought of a boudoir photo shoot.

So, I started the search for a boudoir photographer and I did want most people do, went to good old Google. A link to For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography came up and brought me to a YouTube video that was a quick 15 seconds flip through pictures. I absolutely loved the pictures I was seeing and was drawn to the style and look of the photos. So, I went to the website and was sold. I knew I wanted Ben to do my photos and I’m glad I did! I loved the variety in the photos and the overall look was what I wanted. Then I read the testimonials and I it just had to be a done deal for me. All the clients talked about how beautiful they felt and how professional Ben was as well as making them feel confident and relaxed.

Now that I have done my shoot I can’t say it enough, this was a fantastic experience. Ben is very professional but (like the other clients said) still fun and made me feel comfortable in my own skin. This experience gave me confidence and made me feel so sexy and beautiful. I am so proud of myself for doing this and the excitement it brought to me to give this gift to husband, not to mention that happiness it bought to him. I thought this experience was going to be awkward but it wasn’t at all! Ben let me ramble and talk to him at the beginning of the shoot, which made me feel more comfortable with him and relax. I loved that we were able to laugh and joke throughout the shoot furthering the comfort level. Ben also showed me some pictures during the shoot. That definitely built my confidence because when I saw them I like what I saw; I felt sexy and I felt beautiful. It is visual in the pictures that I’m feeling all of those things as well. I would suggest to anyone to try doing a boudoir photo shoot at least once. I can’t describe completely how it makes you feel; you just have to experience it yourself. I highly recommend Ben. He was able to capture great moments.

There was a point during the shoot that I became emotional. Like I said earlier, my husband is getting deployed. So, we are going to have to deal with distance between us, which puts a little damper in the physical part of our relationship. Being able to give these photos to my husband is more than just sexy pictures, it’s a source of romance for us now as well as once he leaves and takes them with him. I really put time and thought into the outfits I chose. Every single outfit is significant. I will wear a piece of one of the outfits in the morning when we are getting ready or for the night when we’re together. So, when he is gone he has an emotional response to each picture not only because it’s me bit it’s also bonded with memories. During the shoot at a certain point it just really hit that he’s leaving and I was just so focused on thinking about him and us, and us being together and apart. It was overwhelming, you could almost feel it in the room and you could definitely see the emotion in my eyes and Ben was able to capture that moment perfectly.

The plan was to surprise my husband with the pictures once they were the final pictures. Things do not always go as planned. Through a series of unfortunate events, he saw the pictures early. He saw the proofs and now I am glad he did. When he first saw them he just kept saying over and over again you are so beautiful, thank you for doing this and it means so much to me. Then he would randomly say “gosh, you’re sexy.” Anyway, I’m glad he saw them early because we decided since it wasn’t a surprise anymore he could be the one to chose the final pictures. It means a great deal to me that he will have these photos with him while he’s gone. It makes me feel exciting and sexy that I could provide these for him. It makes me feel proud that I went out of my comfort zone for my husband to provide for him something that serves a visual reminder to him throughout his time gone. I know he feels that I’m beautiful and sexy but this is such a fun way to remind him and myself that I am. It is also great knowing that when he looks at me he just sees beauty and confidence. I’m excited to do more photos for him after he’s gone. I am planning on doing another shoot for him to send to him more pictures throughout the deployment. I have some ideas in mind but those will be kept for the next shoot and for his eyes!"

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