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"I Want More" - Heidi

One of the statements I hear the most while talking with first time or potential clients is "I'm not a model like the women on your website." My reply... They aren't models, they are women...young women, moms, even grandmas.

A question I get asked just as frequently (in some variation) , "Do you shoot women on the heavier side?" My reply... I capture the beauty in all women. Boudoir photography isn't about having a "perfect body," but feeling sexy and being comfortable in your own skin, regardless of your dress size.

I've had the privilage of working with Heidi now twice, and she is a breath of fresh air. She loves her husband, and her husband loves her... All of her, just like she is. And I love the images we have created together.

I’ll let Heidi describe her experience in her own words…

“I am a typical woman. I want to be thinner, who doesn’t, but I’m where I’m at right now in this season of my life. I am over 40, and overweight. The difference between me and some other women is that I am comfortable in my own skin. I have a man that loves my curves; every lump and bump, every roll and dimple!