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Who is "The Girl in the Photographs?"

You might wonder, “Who is The Girl in the Photographs?” in our video and photos promoting this year's Halloween/Horror BOOdoir Experience or you might be thinking “Who did her awesome makeup?”

Well, her name is Jessie Teague, and that isn’t makeup. Just a month ago, after having a doctor check a sore on her nose, Jessie found out she had cancer. A surgery was quickly scheduled to remove it, and during the procedure they doctors found additional tumors. She woke up to find her face had transformed into a “Halloween mask.”

“I found out that I was going to lose a small part of my nose to cancer and as a once "really hot chick" I was devastated. During surgery they had to remove the entire right side of my nose and tumors from my eyelid, cheek, and upper lip. After the surgery I decided to make the best of a horrible situation and make something fun out of my freaky face!”

Jessie told me she wanted to do something that helped her feel sexy, and since she was a big fan of Halloween, it would be a perfect time to document this moment in her life. I was surprised and impressed with her strength, courage, and attitude. Some women talk themselves out of booking a boudoir session because they think they’re 10lbs too heavy, but Jessie attitude was “F@#! cancer... I wan’t to do something to make me feel better!”

Jessie had ideas, “I was thinking maybe some bra and panties shots of me tied up and maybe some with a weapon. We could also do some to make it look like I was tortured (which shouldn't be too hard)!” It’s like she was reading my mind, “Ben was amazing enough to work with me and made me feel comfortable. I had a great time and the pictures are as sinister as I imagined.”

Jessie is a true inspiration, and For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography is blessed to know her and have the opportunity to capture her beauty, both inside and out!

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