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Husband Speechless After Seeing Wife as Work of Art

A couple of weeks before For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography was showcased at a RAW natural born artist event, we had the pleasure of shooting with Denae and a couple of her friends. She really wanted to support us at the art show, but didn’t know how to explain to her husband, Darian, why she wanted to attend. The photos were a surprise for Darian for their one year anniversary, and Denae hadn’t even chosen her photos from her session to be edited.

So I had an idea...

DENAE: “Ben had the best idea ever in revealing my first anniversary gift to my husband at an art show For Your Eyes Boudoir was participating in. I told Darian that we were going on a surprise date night, and with Ben's help, I was able to surprise him with a photo from my session that Ben had hung up! Ben made it a surprise for me as well, because I had no idea what photo he had chosen to feature!”

I wanted to choose a photo that would grab Darian’s attention while at the same time highlight Denae’s beauty and sensuality equally. For the first time in 11 years of specializing boudoir photography, I was going to have the opportunity to witness a client’s significant other being surprised with my work, so obviously this moment had to be documented on video and shared.

DENAE: “I was incredibly anxious and excited before the show and could not have been more proud of myself once I saw the photo on display Ben had chosen! The look on Darian’s face was priceless… and the man that always has something to say, was speechless! He absolutely loved it!”