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"I Want More" - Jen

I’ve asked a handful of my loyal subjects to reveal, in a series of blogs I’m calling “I Want More”, what makes them come back for more photoshoots, giving a more in-depth explanation about their boudoir experiences with For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography.

When I first began shooting boudoir photography, I thought that it would be a “once in a lifetime” experience for my clients. What I didn’t anticipate was the amount of repeat customers I would receive. I’ve have been privileged and honored to capture the beauty and sensuality of many clients who decided to step in front of my camera for a second, third, and would you believe 16th time?

16 times!? Yes, my most frequent client the last 11 years is Jen. Not all of her shoots have been “boudoir” per say, but they have captured her beauty and personality in many different ways, and in many different places.

Our shoots in-between have brought us together in settings such as an amazing and huge suite in an Evansville hotel, just a wall in Louisville, an old empty downtown building in Franklin, her aunt's backyard pool in Carmel, at a farm in Lizton, in a hotel room with "Mr. Gray," and her first shoot - a cigar bar in downtown Indy.

I'll let Jen explain what her boudoir experiences mean to her...

“I am far from a model. My personality is appropriately odd. I have a double digit pant size. Huge lips centered in the bottom of a round freckly face. Most of my life I grew up being the pudgy ugly duckling that included this weird 'goth' phase. But eventually in my twenties I grew into my body and into my personality. I always wanted to have professional pictures taken. But not just any photos, I wanted the kind of photos that people 'Ooo' and 'Ahh' over.

I decided after looking at For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography, to finally go for it. My first shoot went great. Ben was very easy to talk to, and helped me open up my personality a little bit in front of the lens. After I got back the photos from my first shoot, all I did was obsess over what to do in my next shoot. I loved my photos, and for the first time, I was able to look at myself and say that 'I look sexy'.

I emailed Ben several times with ideas and examples of other photos I wanted to recreate in future shoots. He was always excited to hear new ideas and try them. I have never allowed Ben to retouch any of my photos. My rule is "NO Photoshop ever!" Which made some of my ideas hard to execute. But we always made some great shots.

All of my friends love my photos. And whenever I need a pick me up, or I am feeling insecure, I go back and look at my photos. It makes me feel great knowing that I am knee-deep in my 30's, and with no retouching, I look beautiful. As long as Ben owns a camera, I will be a client.”

In business, a great client many times can become a friend, and repeat customers can challenge you, ultimately making you better at what you do. I love Jen’s personality and attitude. I love her ideas, and she has plenty of them. I even love that she doesn’t let me alter her images. But what I appreciate about Jen the most is that she has made me a better photographer,

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