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For Your Eyes Boudoir Photos featured in Best Couples Poses Compilation

For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography was honored to be included in a compilation of "25 BEST COUPLES POSES" by a blog and training program for fellow boudoir photographers around the world. We were thrilled when scrolling through Facebook this Valentine's Day, to find that had chosen 4 of our Couples Boudoir photos as examples to inspire other photographers. Who knows, maybe the photos will inspire couples to capture their love and passion in some cute, sexy, or steamy photos together.

So... we thought we would share the 4 photos that they featured, and include's comments as to why they "loved them"

Why we love this: This pose is super steamy and sexy, and Ben did a great job of capturing the subjects while things are heating up.


Why we love this: This pose is super flattering for most ladies since having her arms up over her head elongates the torso and lifts the breasts just slightly.


Why we love this: This pose is another super flattering one since the woman has her back arched while lying over her partner, which stretches out the tummy area. The low lighting also makes it super sexy since the only light available really highlights the shape and contours of the woman’s body.


Why we love this: This pose is amazing for a couple reasons. First, the woman has her hip popped out which gives her an amazing curve to her butt and hips. Secondly, it appears as though the woman is really taking charge here, and we love a pose that helps a woman feel empowered by her sexuality (as long as it’s something her and her partner are ok with!).

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