Embrace. Express. Empower.

“I found I was more confident when I stopped trying to be someone else’s definition of beauty and started being my own” ~Remington Miller

For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography’s new tagline. It’s who we are, what we live by, and what we

give to you.

We believe what makes you beautiful is embracing what you love about yourself (quirks and all), expressing who you are, and empowering not only yourself but others to love all you/they are.

Embrace. There is something freeing about the ability to embrace yourself. Truly looking in the mirror and loving what you see…it’s not perfection and that’s the best part. It’s you. Embrace who are you now, in this moment. Embrace that and move with it. Embrace loving you, feeling you, take who you are and embrace that, let yourself express.

Express. The ability to express yourself with no holding back, Allowing yourself to feel sexy, feel confident…expressing your sensuality, true expression. Not feeling embarrassed or that you aren’t, or you don’t know how to be… “sexy,” because time and time again, we see it. We watch our clients express themselves. When in an environment that allows for women to embrace their body, express who they are, it fosters confident and empowerment.

Empower. What is better than empowering yourself and others. Just the word Empower: make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights. Imagine, you can be that (someone) for yourself! Empowerment is something we all deserve and why not not take control and give yourself the gift of empowerment.

At For Your Eyes Boudoir, this is what we want for you and what we give our clients. The ability to Embrace: your beauty, Express: yourself and Empower: you and others to redefine beauty. So, come join us in breaking the bounds of beauty. Let us capture you expressing, embracing and empowering.

Embrace: your beauty.

Express: yourself.

Empower: you and others to redefine beauty.

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