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A Boudoir Session at 57? Hell Yes!

Back towards the beginning of the year, we received a live chat message…

“Hi Karen here - What experience in photographing "older" women does your company have?

I'm turning 57, in pretty good shape, and would like a nice/sexy record of it. lol But a bit self conscious.”

Our response…

“We don’t use the world “older.” We capture the beauty of all women... all ages... all sizes...

We love the fact you’re turning 57 and would love to document your beauty!”


A few weeks later, Karen arrived at the studio for her session

“Even as much as I was looking forward to celebrating 57 years of me, the nerves were there. No matter how confident and healthy you may feel, there can be a little voice on the inside that makes you wonder if you'll look as good in the pictures as you want to look - or hope to look,” Karen remembers.

All first time boudoir clients are nervous and equally excited leading up to their session, regardless of their age or how comfortable they are with their bodies, and Karen was no exception, “Ben does a wonderful job of making you feel at ease and comfortable. That speaks volumes to setting the tone for the subject to relax and begin to let go. He shared about the difference between the very first photo they take, and the last; it is indeed quite the transformation.” See Karen's First Photo vs Fierce Photo here.