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Artists Bare It All On Canvas

Art inspiring art… It is an huge compliment and honor when your work inspires other artists to create.

For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography has recently had the privilege of capturing the beauty of two women who we chose to be part of our “Bare It All” series, not knowing beforehand that they possessed amazing artistic talent.

We created the “Bare It All” series to allow women to embrace, express, and empower not only themselves, but others, by sharing their stories. What we didn’t anticipate was that the experience for Cassie and Alana would continue after the project, and that they had more to share. For both women, embracing their beauty in such a vulnerable way and expressing their emotions while telling their stories became very empowering and inspired them. So much, in fact, that it inspired them to bare even more, but this time on their own canvases.

We've also found that our work and the "Bare It All" project can inspire a complete stranger, Christine, from another country, now connected through art.

Read about Cassie, Alana, & Christine below...


Cassie Kerns - "Healing the Disconnection"

Cassie Kerns, who we’ve since collaborated with a few times for our “Work Of Art: Paint” series, first exposed how her body became a canvas in our “Bare It All: Ink” project. One of the photos that we captured of her really spoke to her...

Cassie Kerns - Bare It All - For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography

Cassie Kern's painting - "Healing the Disconnection"

Cassie Kerns - Bare It All - For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography

The original photo from the "Bare It All: Skin" project

"I chose to recreate this image because it felt powerful to me. The expression, the pose, the hands, the curve of the body, all spoke to me. It represents and depicts self love.... self appreciation... comfortable in ones skin. The simplicity of everything. Made me realize that by just being I am this image. That is me.

This is more than a self portrait. It was intense therapy, because to constantly look at myself....a person who I use to loathe and hate so much, and accept what is there, is incredibly hard.

I walked away from this painting a billion times, because every time I picked up my brush, I was filled with anxiety saying ‘it won't be good enough’...being vulnerable...being exposed.. even to myself… a person I ran from my whole life. That is intense. That is where growth occurs. By doing this I see truths and i see beauty. I see strength and rebirth. I see someone I actually love. Not because its a good painting... but because I love the person in the image. Most of the time I see images of me and never connect that its me. This is one of the first images i have fully connected to. That is why I chose to name the painting ‘Healing the Disconnection’

Being part of the “Bare It All” project was wonderful. Being a model, I’ve stepped in front of the camera many times before, even nude, but this shoot was different, because the people behind the lens brought a realness to the shoot. They put the art in photography, which many lack. And me being an gave me freedom to just be real and authentic and free. That is why I love working with Ben and Kaitlyn, because I am given permission to be myself without having to voice it. And every women and person needs that in their life. Not just from themselves but from others as well.“

Cassie plans to sell her very personal creation and donate a portion of the proceeds to Everyday Blessings, an organization that provides an opportunity for a better life for children.

To see more of Cassie's work, visit her website -


Alana Judah

Alana Judah - Bare It All - For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography

We didn’t realize it until after Alana Judah participated in our “Bare It All: Skin” project and gifted us with a painting of a group photo from that shoot, and another painting for one of the other woman in the project, that she also was an artist herself…

“As an artist, I’m inspired by what I see around me. I’m largely inspired by nature like the sky, mountains and lakes. So, it’s not surprising when I saw the photos from the "Bare It All: Skin" project, I was inspired to put brush to canvas. What’s more natural than the curves of beautiful women. I loved capturing the light coming through the window highlighting hair and curves. I like the soft folds of the fabric and being able to capture that moment in time. I like the contrasting colors of yellow and purple as well as the contrasting colors of skin represented.”

Alana Judah - Bare It All - For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography
Alana Judah - Bare It All - For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography

"There is a certain amount of vulnerability when it comes to painting. It’s a very personal experience for me to have others look at my work, especially commissioned pieces. Right or wrong, it’s difficult not to take critiques personally because my work is so personal, it’s part of me. Being part of the "Bare It All: Skin" project allowed me to experience another type of vulnerability. I rarely wear bathing suits or even shorts in public so to be part of this project was a completely new experience for me."

Alana Judah - Bare It All - For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography
Alana Judah - Bare It All - For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography

To reveal myself in such a literal way in front of gorgeous women and a camera took a lot of courage and self- confidence. After all, I can’t just paint over myself and start over if someone doesn’t like what they see like I can with a painting. Once the clothes come off, what you see is what you get. My anxiety quickly melted away as everyone was so kind and encouraging. Just like there are different styles of painting, there are different types of skin and bodies and they’re all unique and beautiful."

To see more of Alana's work, visit her website -


Christine Emily Yahya - "Flexin in my Complexion"

Sometimes even someone on the other side of the globe can find inspiration from our photos. Such was the case with Christine Emily Yahya, a Graphic Designer / Illustrator based in Sydney, Australia, who saw our photo of Denise Chamberlain from our "Bare It All: Skin" project and was drawn to recreate it in her own work which she titled "Flexin' in my Complexion"

Denise hid her vitiligo skin for most of her life, but when she was ready to embrace it, she has expressed her uniqueness and helped empower others around the world full force. Embrace. Express. Empower.

Christine started her project/company, Pink Bits in 2016 to celebrate people & bodies in all their glory, illustrating the bits and shapes we're told to hide. She strives to create illustrations that represent as many individuals as possible and provide representation for the daily realities, diverse bodies and art for those who are not commonly featured in our media-dense society. Her mission lines up pretty nicely with the mission of our "Bare It All" mission, so we are thrilled that a connection has been made through art and through Denise.

Christine Emily Yahya - Sydney, Australia

"The photo of Denise instantly inspired me the moment I saw it - the photograph really captures a sense of self-love, magic and celebrating one’s own uniqueness. Denise’s energy really shines through in this captured moment and it’s powerful to witness."

"Flexin' in my Complexion" - Pink Bits - Christine Emily Yahya

Denise Chamberlain from our "Bare It All: Skin" project

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