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Artists Bare It All On Canvas

Art inspiring art… It is an huge compliment and honor when your work inspires other artists to create.

For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography has recently had the privilege of capturing the beauty of two women who we chose to be part of our “Bare It All” series, not knowing beforehand that they possessed amazing artistic talent.

We created the “Bare It All” series to allow women to embrace, express, and empower not only themselves, but others, by sharing their stories. What we didn’t anticipate was that the experience for Cassie and Alana would continue after the project, and that they had more to share. For both women, embracing their beauty in such a vulnerable way and expressing their emotions while telling their stories became very empowering and inspired them. So much, in fact, that it inspired them to bare even more, but this time on their own canvases.

We've also found that our work and the "Bare It All" project can inspire a complete stranger, Christine, from another country, now connected through art.

Read about Cassie, Alana, & Christine below...


Cassie Kerns - "Healing the Disconnection"

Cassie Kerns, who we’ve since collaborated with a few times for our “Work Of Art: Paint” series, first exposed how her body became a canvas in our “Bare It All: Ink” project. One of the photos that we captured of her really spoke to her...