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MTV's Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Star Jade Cline Shoots with For Your Eyes Boudoir to Get Her

Back in March, we were contacted by Jade Cline, a new mom from Indianapolis, whose beautiful daughter Kloie had just turned 5 months old. She mentioned that she was trying to build back self confidence in her appearance after giving birth to her daughter. Becoming a new mom can be an amazing journey, a very personal one, with highs and lows. The lows, including embracing the changes that pregnancy can bring to a woman's body, are sometimes rarely shared with anyone else.

What makes Jade's story quite unique compared to most moms is that her journey becoming a new mom is watched by millions on MTV's new 16 & Pregnant spin-off, Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant.

The first episode had just aired, so the rest of the country was just getting to know Jade when she arrived for her boudoir session with us. Full of excitement for the shoot, and with stories about Kloie, Jade also opened up about the insecurities she experienced with her post-baby body, but also about how she was getting her mojo back and learning to "love the skin she is in."

"I wanted to do something that made me feel sexy after becoming a new mom, Every women has some point in their lives where they really crave positive attention about their appearance, and boudoir gives that to you. I chose For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography because their online portfolio looked great and empowering yet sexy! I loved the vibe their company puts off. The photo shoot session was a fun and comfortable experience, very professional, yet also laid back. We talked throughout the whole shoot and had a lot of laughs," Jade remembers.

We were thrilled that Jade had chosen us to help her embrace her new body, but even more happy for the heartfelt positive message she shared on Instagram about her experience and how much she credited the photo shoot itself for helping her get some of her confidence back...

"This mommy is feeling great in her own skin 💗 After having Kloie , my body changed so much. It was a love hate relationship. After I had my daughter I was so insecure, and absolutely hated my body. But I’m finally starting to lose weight and best of all I’m loving the skin I’m in! I’m not a size 5 anymore and that’s totally okay with me. I learned to love me for me. @boudoir_indy helped me feel so beautiful in this shoot, definitely a confidence booster 😛 I’d highly recommend a boudoir shoot. YOU DESERVE TO FEEL SEXY! MOMS CAN BE HOT TOO. Love yourself ladies, you’re beautiful."


"I thought the final result on my shoot was great. I felt like the editing was done well and captured the moment perfectly. I would recommend Ben to other women looking for the an amazing boudoir experience, because he really seemed to care, and wanted you to feel your best."


Also, check out In Touch Weekly's video about her boudoir experience with For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography...

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