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We've been BOUND on a Book Cover!

Our Fifty Shades themed photos can attract a lot of attention, as we capture very passionate moments between couples in a very fun and unique photoshoot experience.

One of those photos (below) caught the attention of Kate Roth a romance author who was writing her tenth novel, Leather Bound, the follow up story to her BDSM themed Bindings. Leather Bound was released July 10, 2018 with our photo as the cover.

Left: Our Fifty Shades themed photo featuring model Jordon Blackwell.

Right: The cover of Kate Roth's new book, Leather Bound.

“I saw your photo and totally saw my story,” remembers Kate, “I'd initially chosen a photo for my cover but I never really loved it. By chance I was scrolling through For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography’s Instagram page and when I saw the photo I nearly gasped!”

“This story is a different turn for me as an author, It's my take on the BDSM genre of romance. Most people are familiar at this point with Fifty Shades of Grey and the way it cracked open a huge market in the romance world, showing us how hungry readers were for this kind of taboo material. What I wanted to do with Bindings and Leather Bound was show a BDSM relationship and a young woman's first experiences with the lifestyle without the usual hero.”