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Capturing the Beauty of Yoga

Last year For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography had the honor and privilege of helping Katarina Svabcikova, Project Creator of the Yoga Essence Project, bring her dream of creating tools and resources for both beginner and advanced yogis to reality.

We were chosen as the photographers to capture the beauty of yoga poses for what would become a book "Asanas, The Beauty of Yoga," Yoga Sequencing Cards for Beginner & Advance levels, and an Instructional Poster.

At the same time, For Your Eyes Boudoir was preparing for their own project, Bare It All: Strength a photography experience and project which celebrates the physiques of all different shapes and sizes and truly reflect the beauty of natural form. Showing that beauty varies from body to body, and comes from within, as much as it is reflected in the unique form athletic activity produces physically.

We reached out to find women, like Katarina, who feel comfortable in their own skin, embracing their true selves, their inner beauty, and are proud of their bodies and what they have accomplished with hard work and determination.

We shared Katarina’s story in our Strength project, and with the launch of her website and products last month, we wanted her to share with us more about her Yoga Essence Project and how it came to be...