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Capturing the Beauty of Yoga

Last year For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography had the honor and privilege of helping Katarina Svabcikova, Project Creator of the Yoga Essence Project, bring her dream of creating tools and resources for both beginner and advanced yogis to reality.

We were chosen as the photographers to capture the beauty of yoga poses for what would become a book "Asanas, The Beauty of Yoga," Yoga Sequencing Cards for Beginner & Advance levels, and an Instructional Poster.

At the same time, For Your Eyes Boudoir was preparing for their own project, Bare It All: Strength a photography experience and project which celebrates the physiques of all different shapes and sizes and truly reflect the beauty of natural form. Showing that beauty varies from body to body, and comes from within, as much as it is reflected in the unique form athletic activity produces physically.

We reached out to find women, like Katarina, who feel comfortable in their own skin, embracing their true selves, their inner beauty, and are proud of their bodies and what they have accomplished with hard work and determination.

We shared Katarina’s story in our Strength project, and with the launch of her website and products last month, we wanted her to share with us more about her Yoga Essence Project and how it came to be...

Katarina Svabcikova

“I truly believe that every pose is a story of grace, courage, love, and trust. These qualities already reside in all of us. We practice Yoga to remind ourselves of these qualities that sometimes get cloaked behind fear and resistance. My hope is to remind us of these qualities and the inner beauty that is inherent in all of us.”

See photos from Bare It All: Strength

Visit Yoga Essence Project website and purchase products -


Why did you decide to do the Yoga Essence Project?

Katarina: I love Yoga, and I recognized that that love, passion and dedication to Yoga needed to come out of me one way or the other. Also, I wanted to share my love of Yoga and create a platform that would allow me to do just that. Yoga Essence Project started with a very simple thought that kept getting bigger and bigger which was perfect because it provided me with an abundant opportunity to cultivate trust, courage, compassion and kindness towards others and towards myself. It gave me an opportunity to decide and define who I am in every single moment.

Why did you choose For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography to help create your vision for the project?

Katarina: From the beginning, I knew that the quality of the photography is the single most important piece of the puzzle in this project so choosing the perfect photographer was crucial. The more I thought about who I wanted to work with the more I realized that it would not be your conventional wedding/family photographer. I was looking for someone who understands the beauty of human bodies, who can see the beauty where someone else may not. As soon as I realized that, I stumbled upon boudoir photography and from there on it all started to fall in place. After seeing Ben work, I just knew. he understood what I was trying to achieve so they worked with my team to accomplish it.

What was it like working with Ben?

Katarina: It was so much fun! They are so much in sync, so watching them executing my vision was just beautiful and very inspirational. I had an utter trust in them. Also, knowing their work, I know how they look at human bodies. They believe we are perfect just as we are. Especially in today’s world, where the media feeds us images of picture perfect bodies, it was important to me to work with somebody who honors the shape of all bodies.

How does it feel to see your project become a reality?

Katarina: It is very satisfying and empowering. I learned that anything is possible. I was reminded that I need to dream big and then dream even bigger. Overall, I feel very humbled for all the love, kindness and support I have received from everyone involved in the project.

How do you feel when you look at the photos in the book, cards, poster?

Katarina: It feels intimate. I know every single photograph. I know who modeled for each pose, I know the angle from which it was shot, I know where the specific photographs are placed in the book and the poster. While working on this project, all of the images lived with me for months in my apartment and they will live with me in my heart for the rest of my life.

How did it feel being part of our Bare It All: Strength project at the same time you were working on your project?

Katarina: I thought it was absolutely amazing and the timing was just perfect. It is not easy to accept the invitation to be vulnerable, to be seen, to be heard. At the same time I recognized that it was time for me to stop hiding and stand in my own power and beauty. It was an incredible experience – one of those I will also remember for the rest of my life. Also, I immediately fell in love with the Bare It All idea and the overall vision and message. It was easy to agree to do it because when we believe in something, the whole universe will conspire to support us and to assist us.


ASANAS, The Beauty of Yoga ASANAS, The Beauty of Yoga is a work of Art. These beautifully captured photographs accomplish to present the essence of Yoga, its beauty, energy and Grace experienced. Yoga invites us to be the best versions of ourselves. It invites us to be who we truly are by cultivating courage, love, compassion and kindness through our own very personal Yoga practice. This impressive collection of 140 breathtaking photographs of Yoga Asanas reminds us that these qualities already reside in all of us. ASANAS, The Beauty of Yoga is the perfect book for new passionate students as well as the lifelong Yoga practitioners who want to share their love of Yoga with the world.

The Yoga Sequencing Cards - Beginner & Advanced Levels

Comprehensive collection of 75 beautifully designed Yoga cards include intermediate and advanced Yoga poses in 7 categories: Standing, Hip Openers, Core & Twist, Backbends, Forward Folds, Balances and Inversions. Perfect for visual learners deepening their Yoga sequencing techniques.

The Yoga Asana Poster

Stunning collection of over 140 breathtaking photographs of Yoga Asanas features 13 Yoga teachers and Yoga students. This motivational Yoga Asanas Poster is perfect for Yoga Teachers who want to take their teaching to the next level. Yoga students will benefit from structured and organized way to improve their own practice.

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