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Couple Celebrates Anniversary with Boudoir Photoshoot

When Tyra was looking for a gift for Corey for their one year anniversary, she wanted to find something unique that they could share. "I don't believe in giving material gifts, I prefer shared experiences when a special occasions comes along. A couples boudoir photoshoot just seemed like the perfect thing for us to do to celebrate us!" she remembers.

Tyra's original plan was to surprise Corey with the photoshoot, but after scheduling the couples session with For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography, she couldn't contain her excitement, "I ended up telling him! The plan was to keep it a secret but I quickly realized the planning was part of the fun." Choosing wardrobe and looking on Pinterest for pose ideas helped warmed them both up to the idea of celebrating their first year together in front of the camera.

Like all of our regular boudoir clients, Tyra and Corey shared the two most common emotions before their session, "We were both very nervous, only because we had no idea what to expect. But very excited at the same time," admits Tyra.

A couples boudoir session is the perfect way to capture the love and passion between each other. The photos are a combination of sweet, sexy, and steamy. As Tyra & Corey found, trusting For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography to give them an anniversary to remember ended up being an extremely fun afternoon in a very safe environment.

"The experience was even better than I expected! Very professional and comfortable. We both felt free to express ourselves even during the most intimate moments, and that really showed in the photos. We were beyond impressed with the entire experience!"

Interested in scheduling your own couples boudoir session? Contact us today!

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