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Boom Box Booty

When you enter your first photo contest you don't really have any expectations. You especially don't expect for one of the 50 photos you submit to be titled “Boom Box Booty” by dozens of fellow voting photographers and become a topic of conversation in the content’s Facebook group page.

Out of the 17,408 boudoir photos submitted to the 2020 Shoot and Share contest, “Boom Box Booty” kept bumping up through the rounds and finished 28th! It received 249 hearts as well from voters that deemed it one of their favorites.

Maybe it was the boom box, maybe it was the booty, or perhaps the combination of both together, but the buzz creating during the voting process even carried over after the results came in when a lot of people thought it would place in the top 20 or even 1st place.

But I was thrilled that any of my photos placed at all, and enjoyed reading how much people enjoyed voting for it, not being able to mention that the photos was mine. All the photographers are to remain anonymous throughout the voting process, but many were curious to find out who shot it, and many admitted voting for it dozens of times.

The story behind "Boom Box Booty" is that I can't take credit for the idea of using the boom box as a prop. The photo was taken during a fitness photo/video shoot collaboration with Landon Price, Zane West, and model Payton (Filson) Thomason. Landon brought the boom box, and Payton brought the booty.