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Boudoir is for every woman… Yes, even at 69!

Boudoir is for every woman. No matter her life status, body type, sexual preference, skin color, what she identifies as, and most importantly age.

Through the years, For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography has captured the beauty of women of all ages from young brides to grandmothers. But there was one female demographic I had been waiting 16 years for to step in front of my camera… A woman in her 60s or older.

That is, until Pamela...

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As in every other phone consultation with my clients, I didn't know anything about Pamela before speaking with her.

I didn’t know…

Her age.

Her dress size.

If she had healed from a mastectomy, or just gotten a breast augmentation.

If she was a young blonde bride wanting photos to give her husband on their wedding day.

A mother of teenagers finding herself again after a divorce.

A mother or daughter of one of my past clients.

A young bi-racial single mom with Alopecia.

A Muslim or a preacher’s wife.

A military mom who defends her country in the Army.

A Navy wife who wants to send a reminder to her husband as he ships off for months.

If she is doing the photos for her boyfriend, husband, lover, wife, or herself.

If she was black with vitiligo and dreads.

Or a lesbian who presents masculine.

I've photographed woman…

That I didn't now what they looked like until they arrived at their session.

Who I worked with for years.

That I went to high school with.

Who I first photographed 10 years before, ready to document her beauty again.

That I've shot with just once and one who just scheduled her 16th session.

Who are great friends of mine, but most who are complete strangers.


The boudoir session and photos are a gift to every For Your Eyes client, for themselves or to surprise their significant-other on a birthday, anniversary, a holiday like Valentine's Day or Christmas, or "just because" - and I couldn't wait for Pamela to experience what 1,200 women before her have had shooting with me.

“As a 69 year old woman, I feel wonderful and I’ve always felt sexy, so I’d thought about doing a boudoir experience for quite some time and I wanted to capture my beauty in boudoir photos to give as a gift to my husband, and to see myself as he does.”

Simply deciding to do a boudoir session is a big step for some clients, The next step is searching and choosing the right photographer for you. Pamela shares this decision ended up being an easy one for her to make...

I looked at other websites and I chose For Your Eyes because I loved Ben’s work. All the photos were very professional, and very tasteful. I actually booked and paid my deposit before even speaking with Ben, which is how confident I felt about his work, that he could make me look how I feel in each photograph. I was excited once I decided that Ben was the photographer for me, because it put me one step closer to giving my lover a very special and unique gift.”

Every single client is both nervous and excited leading up to their first boudoir session, and Pamela was no exception…

I was nervous before the photoshoot because it was something that I had never done before. I think it was a combination of being nervous, anxious, and excited all at the same time. Once I arrived at the studio, Ben’s persona and professionalism put me instantly at ease. We talked about why I wanted the photos, and how I wanted to see myself in the photos. The conversation was very relaxing and reassuring, just as it was during the initial phone conversation.”

Choosing wardrobe for a boudoir session can be a lot of fun itself, looking at what you already have to wear in your closet and drawers, and/or purchasing new lingerie pieces that your lover has never seen you in before…

“I had a lot of fun picking out what to wear for the photoshoot, and Ben gave me several great suggestions. The outfits I ended up choosing had some memories to them. My husband likes me in certain outfits, so I chose some of those to wear for the photo session. It’s a reminder for him of how I looked when I first wore those outfits and a reminder of his beautiful lady.”

For most clients, the nerves disappear while shooting in their first wardrobe selection (which is usually the one with the most fabric) when they see the first set of unedited raw images from the camera, but for Pamela it happened before…

“As I was changing into my first outfit all the nervousness I had subsided, because of talking with Ben, prior to the session even starting. It was actually fun to put on an outfit I liked, and I knew that my man would like also. I felt more relaxed with each wardrobe change, and felt a real freedom to express who I am, my inner self, to express my feelings, and to celebrate my age, throughout the photoshoot.”

When Pamela received all her proofs to choose after the session, the excitement continued as she began selecting her favorites for me to edit…

“My reaction when I saw the photos were, 'That’s one sexy old lady!' They made me realize that no matter your age, no matter what your shape is, even if our 20 year old bodies have changed... we remain beautiful women. Our beauty radiates from inside out through the life experiences we’ve had. These photos of myself made me feel sexy, beautiful and vibrant."

And how did her husband react to seeing his beautiful “old lady” in such amazing, sexy photos?

In his words... "I was totally surprised... As I was slowly looking at each amazing photo, a rush of excitement was building up inside if me. I absolutely loved the pictures."

At the end of Pamela’s session I told her, “I know we’ve just met, but I’m proud of you.” I was proud of her for expressing her beauty, expressing her sensuality, allowing the experience to empower her, and hopefully empower other women of every age. Yes, even at 69!

“At 69 years old and Ben’s oldest client, I am very proud of the photos he took. I love the way I look in the photos. I want all the ladies to know that at my age or older we are all beautiful. It’s a wonderful experience to see how Ben captures your true beauty. My advice to you is to schedule a photo session with Ben. It doesn’t matter what age you are, he has a way of capturing the beauty that’s inside of all of us. If you’re looking for something different for someone special or even just for yourself, don’t hesitate, I promise, you’ll not be disappointed. Let your light shine, enjoy and embrace who you are at any age. I’m looking forward to another session with Ben in the years to come - in my seventies, and yes, even my eighties!”

So, will Pamela be my first client in her 70s or 80s to shoot with For Your Eyes Boudoir, or will someone else proudly claim the title she now holds?


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