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So I entered a photo contest for the first time...

I've never entered my work in any type of competition, but when Shoot & Share, a global photography contest, added boudoir as a category for the first time this year, I had to be part of it!

Over 124,000 voters in over 100 countries voted for 561,997 total photos. I became part of the “All-In Club” after submitting the maximum 50 photos into the contest.

I'm proud to announce that out of the 17,408 photos entered in the boudoir category, 8 of my photos were in the the top 30%, 5 in the top 20%, 1 in the top 10%…

And two of the photos placed much higher, surviving 12 rounds of voting, and making it to the end as “Best of The Best” Top 200 finalists! One photo just missed the Top 100 by one spot (it placed 101st).

Another photo which created a lot of buzz during voting and was titled “Boom Box Booty” from other photographers in the contest made it all the way to 28th place! Read more about the photo's journey in through the contest.

I'm thrilled with the results, had fun voting for other photographers and their photos from around the world, and can't wait to enter again next year.

Here is how the 16 ranking photos did in the 2020 contest...

Top 30% - 8

Top 20% - 5

Top 10% - 1

Finalist - 101st Place

Top 100 - 28th Place

"Boom Box Booty" placed 28th out of 17,408 photos entered in the boudoir category.

Just missed the Top 100 by one photo., placing 101st.


About Shoot & Share:

The Shoot & Share photo contest is an annual global photography contest that is 100% voted on by the public. The contest goes on for several weeks while over a half a million photos go through 12 rounds of voting.

The photographer’s name is never displayed during voting so each photo is judged on its own merit. Every photo is given equal opportunity to be voted on, and is displayed the same number of times to the voters as any other, so every photo and every photographer has an equal chance.

561,997 total photos

124,000+ voters

Over 100 countries


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