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In June 2015, I invited a handful of my most frequent clients into the studio and asked them to "Bare It All."  Bringing only a white sheet for their wardrobe, the women were told to use the white sheet however they felt comfortable during the photoshoot.   After the photoshoot each woman was asked to “bare their souls” and discuss their experiences shooting multiple times with For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography.

I wanted to know what made them originally decide to book a boudoir session, why they chose to shoot with us, and what it is about boudoir photography that makes them want to experience it again and again.

This concept became the inspiration for For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography’s “Bare It All” project, a series of themed photoshoots highlighting the beauty of women of all ages, sizes, races, etc.

Be sure to view our other “Bare It All” sessions - here.

To be considered for a future "Bare It All" project... Tell us more about your story.

Additonal photography by Kate Lunsford (credited in gallery)

For Your Eyes Boudoir Clients "Bare It All"

For Your Eyes Boudoir Clients "Bare It All"

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These women Jen, Amanda, Lora, Kate, and Kaitlyn are more than just my clients whom I have shot with several times each, they have become dear friends. And because of this first "Bare It All" shoot, they are all now friends as well.

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