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@2016 For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography

For Your Eyes Boudoir Best of Weddings


Sometimes you get an idea, original or not, that you want to try.  Mixing art, in this case, paint and photography, has always been something that we wanted to attempt.  We were just waiting for the right time, or better said, the right person to collaborate with to make it happen.  We found the right person in front of the camera... Cassie Kerns.  We first connected with Cassie when she was chosen to be part of our "Bare It All: Ink" session because of the artwork on her body.  Little did we know what kind of talent this tall, beautiful women possessed, or that her heart was even bigger than the impressive heart tattoo inked on her back.  After capturing her beauty, witnessing her quick wit, and seeing her amazing artwork online and at a RAW artshow we were both showcased in, we had mentioned to her that I'd always wanted to do a photoshoot with paint, She had as well, so "Work of Art: Paint - Photos - Wine" became a reality.  We wanted to take the wine and canvas concept to a new level, so we found women who wanted to allow Cassie to make their bodies a work of art, and then use their bodies to paint on canvas.  Here is what we all created together...


Photography by Ben & Kaitlyn - Painting by Cassie

About Cassie: Also known as Cassinova, Kerns was born in Valparaiso, Indiana. Kerns works predominantly in the medium of painting, but loves to experiment and explore with all other art mediums, such as photography, mixed media, collage, writing, sculpture, and functional art. Kerns completed a BFA in photography, from the University of Connecticut in 2010, while playing college basketball for the prestigious UCONN Huskies.


Her artwork is her vehicle to communicate thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are often too difficult to put into words. Her purpose is to bare her heart and soul to the world, in order to balance the internal with the external, making in congruencies congruent. She wants to give the viewer permission to be real. Kerns has had work on display in shows all around Indianapolis, such as: "Flight of Fancy" at Indiana Landmarks Rapp Family Gallery, "Tiny V" at Gallery 924, "RAW: naturally born artist". Solo exibitions including "Perfectly Imperfect" and "Picking up the Pieces". Her work is the cover for Solitary Walks: vol III, by Brian Bex. Kerns is also a member of WOIA: Women of Indianapolis Artists. ​ She currently lives and works as an artist and published model in Indianapolis, Indiana.

To see more of Cassie's work visit www.cassinovastudios.com and her Cassinova Studios Facebook page.

"What I love most about this shoot is the transformation. The therapeutic process. The story of beginning to end. When each woman walks in, they dont know what to expect nor what to do. They put the trust into a complete stranger to get up close and personal with their bodies, which most women are severly ashamed of and disconnected with, including myself. But to talk to and discuss life and watch and feel their walls come down is a magical process. To watch and witness my canvas transform physically, but most importantly emotionally brings me peace and satisfaction. To witness these women come alive with just paint makes my heart full. I would say this to each of them... That energy and empowerment you felt during this shoot is there with you everyday. You just have make the choice to see that you are a masterpiece. I was just the vessel to point it out to you. The bare raw empty canvas comes alive when you spend time with and put your energy into it. Through the paint brush I am able to give life to something that needed to be shown it had life the whole time." - Cassie - Artist

"It has been incredible shooting during the paint shoots. To watch clients feel so free, expressing themselves in ways they haven't before. To watch them feel completely connected with their body, their movement and seeing their own creativity come alive while they were in front of the camera. It has been such an inspiration to watch it unfold, I had to join in! It was a blast! I can't wait to shoot and capture more of this at the next one! Thank you to all the clients who have done it so far, you all are an inspiration and truly beautiful" - Kaitlyn - Photographer



"I felt like the Work of Art: Paint experience would be a great opportunity for me to express myself and capture all my hard work with losing weight.  It seriously was the best feeling! I felt so beautiful and empowered. After the shoot I was on a high. I felt so free so beautiful and just accepting everything about my body and not being ashamed of it at all. I was over the moon with excitement when I first laid my eyes on what we created. It's crazy because I am the smallest I have ever been in my life but I learned to love myself when I was at my heaviest I guess just accepting myself and loving myself helped me get healthy and the weight just fell off... weird but true. The edited pictures were perfection! Can't thank you guys enough! The process of a canvas being made from my body was such a cool experience. It turned out way better then I I could've ever imagined. It's truly is a "Work of Art"" - Jasmine

"I love art, so it seemed liked an amazing experience to be covered in paint and feel sexy and confident.  I was nervous at first, but it soon became freeing and fun. The canvas with the paint from my body is nice abstract piece of art, and was nice to have it to take home!" - Shanon​

"Work of Art: Paint was a unique shoot unlike any others I had done.  I was extremely pleased with how the photos turned out and excited to share. I love the canvas!  I think it will make a great addition to some photo prints from the shoot when hanging on my wall" - Christina

"It was so much fun the first time I did the paint shoot that I didn't want to miss out on another one. I love that I get a few different styles of each of my edited images. It is a great experience to be able to see yourself through someone else's eyes.  I love my canvas that Cassie created with the paint from body! I can hang it next to my personal paintings as a constant reminder of my fun day of being painted." - Heather

"The paint shoot sounded fun, and it was an amazing time!  I would definitley do it again.  The photos make you feel awesome, and the canvas Cassie created is perfect!" - Rachel​