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Skin. We're born into it.  It is part of who we are, and who we came from.  How we identify ourselves and each other, both good or bad.  Time and time again we are told what our skin isn't.  We invited these 7 women together to bare it all about what their skin is.  This "Sisterhood of Skin" represent what it means to unify our diversity, breaking the boundaries of beauty.

For the photoshoot experience, with only a white sheet as their wardrobe, each woman was asked be comfortable in their own skin.

After the photoshoot each woman was asked to “bare their souls” and share how they feel about their skin.

“Bare It All: Skin” is part of For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography’s “Bare It All” project, a series of themed photoshoots highlighting the beauty of women of all ages, sizes, races, etc.

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To be considered for a future "Bare It All" project... Tell us more about your story.

Photography by Ben Murray

"Bare It All: Skin" - For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography

"Bare It All: Skin" - For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography

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