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“Clay is an amazing material and has the ability to record a human fingerprint. Just like our own skin, clay is vibrant and lively. When water is present but left in the sun will dry and crack to show its own fragility. When our unique characteristics are covered by clay we are left with a base essence that can bring out the beauty or the raw intensity of our soul Clay can bring out the warrior as well as the caring intensity in our eyes. Clay shows our connection to the earth and reminds us where we came from and where someday we will return.” Ben Clark - Queen City Clay

For our second theme in the Work of Art series we collaborated with some amazing artists at Queen City Clay, a 24,000-square-foot art studio in Cincinnati, for an extremely unique experience. 

After a private lesson spinning the wheel and creating a few pottery pieces with Ben Clark, each client became works of art themselves when sculptors Christine and Kirk Mayhew combined the beauty of their bodies and clay as we capture the experience on camera.

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