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You’re a Work of Art… Become a Masterpiece 


For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography collaborated with JoHenna Design to bring a unique photoshoot experience, Work of Art: Henna.


Jo-hanna Bauchle, the owner of JoHenna Design and commonly known as Joey, is best known for her intricate henna designs, paintings and drawings. She has lived in Indianapolis most of her life and is a self-taught artist. Joey enjoys creating complex designs in many different mediums including: henna art, pen and ink drawings, acrylic paintings, watercolor paintings as well as decorating pillows, mugs, bags, shoes, etc. 

"I wanted to collaborate on this project because I love empowering other people to feel comfortable and beautiful in their bodies by enhancing their natural beauty with intricate patterns in henna and/or jagua," Joey remembers, "Being a part of a project like this is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time so I am very happy I was able to work on this project!"


Joey is fascinated by learning about the symbolism and meaning behind both henna and ink tattoos and spends a lot of time studying the different traditions and practices. 


With JoHenna Design, For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography was able to create a Work of Art: Henna, a unique, meaningful and connective experiences for the clients who joined us for this project.

Joey explains her experience applying the henna tattoos, “Each client involved in this project brought a completely unique idea for their session with me. Some brought specific images while others brought basic ideas/placement and allowed me to freestyle a design for them. I felt like I was able to connect with each client as we conversed through their time with me prior to the photoshoot. This photoshoot project was different from my usual appointments because of a few things.  It was unique because it is not everyday that I get to create art for such a body-positive and creative experience.“


Joey transformed their bodies into a work of art with an inspired henna body art piece and afterwards we created some beautiful photos around a trendy SoBro home built in 1910, full of old charm and mid-century décor.  SoBro is a neighborhood located south of Broad Ripple, which is where is gets its name, inspired by the hip SoHo neighborhood in New York City.

After seeing the final efforts from our project together, Joey commented, "The photos are AMAZING! The ladies really did such a beautiful job. The images Ben created with them are beyond what I imagined they could be. This was such a fun project to be a part of!"  


Client Testimonials


“Trusting the photographer and knowing what to expect, made it exciting and new experience.  The photos were creative and different, and the edits were stunning. Joey was kind, comforting and easy to be with. She was creative and had great ideas beforehand. It was easy and low pressure and the result was artistic and tasteful.”


“I feel more confident and sexier than I ever have so being able to add a beautiful henna piece to my body to show myself as a work of art was a thrilling experience.  I have always loved how my legs looked but my chest used to be the area I wanted to change the most, so I went with the area I would have in the past felt the most uncomfortable being a focal point. Joey was so cool and easy to work with. When I saw the finished look I was obsessed! Simple yet it still looked so sexy and beautiful. I’m a little bummed now it wasn’t permanent. Every photo was even more amazing than I imagined, and I love how the photos make me feel. I have to do a double take on if it’s really me I’m looking at and I was in awe at how damn good I looked.” 


“I love the look of tattoos across the chest but don’t want to commit to one for life. This was a fun opportunity to have a temporary option! Joey is so sweet & so talented! I told her where I wanted the piece, then let her do her thing. Her work is beautiful so I trusted her, and she definitely did not disappoint! She made me feel totally comfortable, and I absolutely loved my chest piece! Shooting in the Airbnb was fun because it offered so many different settings. I love these photos! This session offered a sexy opportunity to show a different side of me than I get to in my regular professional/mom life.”


Joey Bauchle, owner and artist of JoHenna Design

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