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You probably have a dozen questions about what your boudoir photoshoot experience will be like.   Trust us... We've heard them all.  Here are some of the most common questions we hear.  These details about the process will hopefully answer some of them...

I've never done anything like this before, so I am a little nervous...

This one of the first things we hear when talking with new potential clients.  You will understandably be a little nervous, regardless of how conservative or modest you may or may not be, because you will be worrying about how you look. Your confidence will increase throughout your session as you see how amazing you look through the lens.  Our job is to make sure the lighting, the angles, what you are wearing, and how you look are just right.

I'm not a model like the girls on your website. Do you shoot women my age/size?

Only a handful of our clients have ever done any type of modeling work or had another professional photoshoot of any kind outside of shooting with For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography.   Boudoir photos aren't about what size dress you fit into, they are about capturing your beauty and sensuality.  We have captured the beauty of women of all shapes, sizes, races, ages, etc.   The majority of my clients are moms, even some grandmas.

Can you retouch/airbrush my body in the photo?

The short answer is "Yes, Absolutely."  But we will not over-photoshop.  Celebrities don't look like they do on the cover of magazines when they show up for their photoshoot, but we all know that sometimes the magazines take their editing too far.  We want to capture your beauty, but not retouch your photos to the point it doesn't resemble you.  Yes, we can hide cellulite, stretch marks, scars, unwanted tattoos, you may have, even that blemish you may wake up with the morning of the shoot.  We can even "tweak" any part of your body you may want bigger or smaller, but again, we won't overdue it.

What should I wear? What else should I bring?


• Your sexiest pair of jeans that make you look your best when you go out for the night

• Your most comfortable pair of jeans that you wear around the house and lounge in

• Your cutest t-shirt to wear with a cute pair of panties

• A pair of cute long socks (and nothing else)

• Fishnet stockings with your sexiest stilettos or sexy boots.

• A variety of lingerie, whatever your style and tastes are, or even something new and different.

• A loose sweater that can hang off your shoulder with a pair of panties

• A tight sweater than doesnt cover your backside.

• A beautiful dress or your hottest club outfit.

• Your significant others favorite sports team jersey, uniform, dress shirt and tie or just the tie



Jewelry, rings, bracelets, long necklaces, hats, etc...Not too many, but they can really add to the shot.



Whether it is a meaningful, sentimental item or something fun to hold onto or just have in the shot, they can make a great shot even greater.



We'll have music on hand for the shoot, but If you'd like to create your own playlist for your boudoir photoshoot, feel free.



If you need a little liquid courage to help you relax, bring it. Or whatever you like to drink.

I have my own ideas ... or ... I don't have any ideas... Can you help me?

Definitely.  Throughout the years, we have had many clients with great ideas, creative, funny, edgy.  And some with no ideas, which is perfectly fine.  During the shoot, we will set up specific poses, but will also let you move around the room or setting on your own and without any direction allowing us to capture natural emotions and movements.  And if you get any ideas during the shoot, let's shoot them.  We'll help you create your creative or original ideas, or you can borrow some ideas from our For Your Eyes Boudoir Pinterest profile.

Can I bring someone with me to the shoot?

Absolutely!  Two of our regular packages include having a female assistant present, but feel free to bring a female friend or relative to the shoot with you, whether it is to help make you more comfortable or have someone additional there to help you.  And hey, she might be a potential future client.  Significant others are only permitted to be present during couples sessions.

Can I do my own hair/makeup?

You can choose to do your own hair or makeup, set an appointment with your stylist before your shoot or bring them with you, or if you would like to have one of our stylists on hand before and during your shoot, we can arrange that as well.  Our Beauty Coordinator, Allison Zwickel, is one of the best makeup artist in Indianapolis, as is her team of hair stylists.

Where do you shoot?

Primarily we shoot at hotels and in our studio in Downtown Indy, but we will shoot anywhere... bed and breakfasts, old buildings, your home, outdoors, etc.  The type of photos you desire will determine the best location. 

What happens after the shoot? Do I choose my photos? How do I get the photos?

Within a few days after your session, you will have access to a private online proof gallery that you can view on-line. After you choose which photos you'll like to be edited, I will edit the photos and upload them to the private online gallery as I complete them.  I always edit 2-3 versions of each photo, and you get to keep all of them.  You own the copyright to the edited photos that are included in the package.

Can I print or post online the proofs from the shoot?

The image straight out of the camera, as beautiful as it may be, is not my finished work, and is also not part of the package.  For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography retains copyrights on all images you do not choose and pay for as part of your package.  Printing or posting proofs (low-resolution photos with the logo or company name) is not permitted.

Will you put my photos online?

Your photos are For Your Eyes. The only extra eyes that will see them are those that you show them to.  Your photos will not be included in any printed portfolios or online galleries without your permission.

Have any questions not answered here?

Send us an email -, give us a call 317-431-5490 or fill out or contact form here on the website.

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