"There is something indescribable about the rawness of beauty. The beauty that most don't get a chance to see, let alone capture. The beauty of purely being you. Messy hair, fresh face, just woken up. There's something freeing knowing you can be beautiful in those precious, unspoken, unseen, & pure moments."

Package Includes:
20 minute shoot without makeup & with messy hair
3 photos
Only $75

When: Sunday, March 8th 2020
Where: Stutz Studio - Downtown Indy

Come to the shoot without makeup. Hair, not perfect, messy even. Wear what you would to bed – PJs, T-shirt & panties, lingerie, or nothing at all. We’ll shoot YOU and your natural beauty!



"Love, embrace, capture and share that moment. When you wake up, before you get out of bed and grab your brush and your makeup. That raw beauty few get to see. Who you are just as you are, beautiful, sexy, silly, cute, and confident. Show us YOU."

How to enter:
1) Wake up without makeup.
2) Take a selfie. Be cute. Be sexy. Be Silly. Just be you.
3) Post to YOUR Instagram – Tag @boudoir_indy and/or
4) Post to YOUR Facebook – Tag @For Your Eyes Boudoir
5) Hashtag - #bedheadboudoir

Everyone Wins!

Post your bedhead photo - Get $25 OFF a Beadhead Session!


Grand Prize: A Bedhead Boudoir Photoshoot Experience

Details: Contest runs Febraury 15 – March 1, 2020. Photos entered in contest will be featured on and shared on Instagram & Facebook. Winner will be randomly chosen, because this isn’t a beauty contest, otherwise everyone would be a winner. Winner will be notified March 1th and will shoot with us on March 8th.

I’ve been married 24 years, and my wife is beautiful.  I try to remind her every day, even when she argues with me.  She is even more stunning now then she was on our first date.  And she looked amazing that September evening back in 1992… hair and makeup were on point!  When I think she is most beautiful though is when she wakes up, no makeup, hair messy. 

That gave me an idea… to capture our client’s beauty when they wake up not makeup.  So in Summer 2016 we had our first ever For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography’s “Bedhead Boudoir” Photo Contest and Photoshoot Experience.


These beautiful women embraced their raw, natural beauty and jumped at the chance of letting us capture it.  Read about their experiences

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Participants entered by taking a selfie of themselves without makeup and with bedhead when they woke up in the morning, and then posting it to Instagram and Facebook and tagging us.

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"The photos captured the beauty that I don't always see in myself, and seeing myself that way helped me to remember to not be so critical of myself. That this is how my husband sees me. He doesn't see the things I consider imperfections, he just sees me.” Berry