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Carrie, in all her natural beauty...

For inspiration for the "Bedhead Boudoir" Photo Contest & Photoshoot Experience, we invited our friend Carrie into the studio and told her to come without makeup, not to do her hair, and be ready for a unique experience.

Makeup & hair are a big part of boudoir photography, and we have some of the best MAU and hairstylists in Indy, including our Beauty Coordinator, Allison Zwickel. It is fun to be pampered and accent the beauty you already have, and then other times become someone else or bring out another side of you.

For the "Bedhead Boudoir" campaign however, we want women to embrace their natural beauty. That raw beauty few get to see... the "I woke up like this" look.

As you'll see from Carrie's testimonial and her gallery of photos from her shoot, she definitely processes a great deal of natural beauty, but seeing herself through our eyes and lens was a very personal and empowering experience for her.


Carrie's Testimonial

"Ben is a pure joy to shoot with. I feel 100% comfortable with him. His goal is to catch you being you. I know there are several photos of my tongue out. And at one point I was jumping up and down on the bed and being goofy.

Everyone needs to do one boudoir experience. Just for themselves. So you can see what sometimes we forget. That we are beautiful. We as women get wrapped up in being mom's, wives, employees, friends, doing for everyone else.

When I was asked to do an all natural photo shot I was extremely excited and proud. If there is one thing I try to teach my daughter it's that you need no makeup and that being you is more important Who you are out weighs any makeup.

Inner beauty is more important. The way you love. The way you make others feel. Your laugh. Your smile. All that comes across your body and your face.

So embrace your natural beauty. The straight outta bed look. There is nothing wrong with makeup. It's no different than clothes or doing your hair. It accents what you already have. Just be totally comfortable in who you are as a person first . In your own natural beauty."



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