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For Your Eyes Boudoir chosen as one of Indy's Best!

Back in February, For Your Eyes Boudoir was honored to be chosen as one of "The 11 Best Boudoir Photographers in Indianapolis." by PeerSpace...

"For Your Eyes Boudoir is the brainchild of Ben Murray, a veteran photographer who specializes in boudoir. Things we love about Murray: For one, his themed series shoots, which explore concepts surrounding the body and aesthetics, whether that’s “Snake Skin” (you guessed it—boudoir photography involving snakes) or “Stand Tall,” which puts a spotlight on women with amputations."

"The work is beautiful and thoughtful. Another thing we love: The dazzling range of looks employed in his work. You can never quite pin him down, and that makes him a great asset for clients, who can rest assured he’ll be able to deliver what they envision, no matter the style."


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From their article - "The most talented Indianapolis boudoir photographers have a few things in common: they’re adept technically and brilliantly creative. Not to mention their clients rave about their personalities and professionalism