Stay In & Connect with a Selfie

Things aren't business as usual, and life isn't what we’ve known as normal right now due to the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic. But it is important to stay connected, to your family, your friends, and we wanted to do the same with our clients and supporters.


​​While we distanced ourselves socially to protect each other, we wanted to continue to “embrace, express, and empower” as we hunkered down.


​​So we came up with a fun and simple contest that only took a few seconds to be part of, and we thought might help keep us engaged and give our clients and friends a chance to win some free photos and gift certificates!

In April 2020, we had 10 days of connecting with our "Stay In Selfie Contest."

Each day had a different theme for participants to snap a selfie and post on our Facebook page. A random winner was chosen each day, and those who sent a selfie all five days received a $50 gift certificate.

Day 1 - Cute

Day 2 - Goofy

Day 3 - Bedhead

Day 4 - Fresh Air

Day 5 - Sexy

Day 6 - Smise

Day 7 - Pillow Dress

Day 8 - Fridge & Food

Day 9 - Bra Masks

Day 10 - Funny Face Filter

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