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My First Boudoir Client, Liz Medley: 10 years later

10 years ago, on a warm early October afternoon, I grabbed my camera and met Liz Medley, my first boudoir client, for an outdoor shoot at a farm in Shelbyville, Indiana.

I’d met Liz while producing a television commercial for her salon, and had mentioned to her that I was thinking about specializing in boudoir after my wife loved her boudoir photoshoot experience a few months prior.

Liz was intrigued, and offered to be my first subject, “Ben was easy to connect with and I felt comfortable around him. He was outgoing, chatty, laid back and I knew it would be fun because he was fun to work with on my television commercial,” she remembers.

I, on the other hand, was equally as nervous as I was excited. I’d put down my 35mm camera (Yes, I am dating myself) to focus on my career in video production. I had never specialized in portrait photography, let alone capturing the beauty and sensuality of women.

I couldn’t have asked for a better first client, Liz was energetic and curious to find out what we could create together. We bounced ideas back and forth, and she took direction while at the same time moved around on her own and let me follow hear lead. It felt comfortable and her reaction to seeing her photos made me more confident that choosing boudoir was the right decision.