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“Every great story seems to begin with a snake.” - Nicolas Cage (American Actor)

It all started with an idea. What if we mix snakes with skin, bringing two of nature’s most beautiful creatures together, combining the tempting, slinky curves of the female body with the slithering, undulatory movements of serpents.


“As soon as I saw For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography was doing a snake shoot, I booked my session. Ben is such an amazing photographer to work with and he does such great work. I thought it would be really fun to do something out of the box and creative. I also think snakes are really cool creatures.” - Michelle

“I love snakes and all things reptiles. Combining them with a boudoir shoot (which I also love doing) just makes sense.” - Lovisa

"I am like a snake who has already bitten. I retreat from a direct battle while knowing the slow effect of the poison." - Anaïs Nin (American-Cuban-French Diarist)

“I've had snakes as pets my whole adult life. I relate to them a bit because they may come off as threatening at first but they are really beautiful when you really take the time to really examine them.” - Alyx

“I have a *thing* for snakes although they kind of creep me out. I wanted to experience being around them and I love a good photo shoot!” - Halie

Just as a snake sheds its skin, we must shed our past over and over again." - Gautama Buddha (Indian Philosopher)

“It felt wonderful and freeing to shoot with the snakes! There’s something about embracing the things that most people fear that’s just so empowering.” - Lovisa

“It made me feel strong like that I was able to pose with an animal that many others may be afraid to even touch.” - Alyx

"He's a coldhearted snake look into his eyes. Oh, oh he's been telling lies” - Paula Abdul (American Dancer, Singer)

“Posing with the snakes was interesting. At times it was really hard not to laugh and other times it felt a little awkward because I didn't know where they were going. Snakes also have a very unique texture. I thought there scales felt really cool. It was a very empowering experience. I learned more about snakes and I also really enjoyed handling them.” - Michelle

“The snakes were very easy to handle and after the initial excitement of having two snakes on your body, really not too big of a deal.... I did have a lot of weird dreams that night though.” - Halie

"You were born with a snake in both of your fists while a hurricane was blowing." - Bob Dylan (American Singer-Songwriter)


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