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Ready to get under the sheets?

Or did you just wanna say Hi?






 "When our unique characteristics are covered by clay we are left with a base essence that can bring out the beauty or the raw intensity of our soul.  Clay shows our connection to the earth and reminds us where we came from and where someday we will return.” 


16 years ago, my wife decided to have boudoir photos taken & loved the experience. I noticed how proud she was of the photos & how much they meant to her. I, of course, loved the photos. Not only because she is the most beautiful woman in the world but also because I knew that the photos meant just as much to her as they did me, maybe even more. Seeing that in my wife sparked the desire to create this experience for others.


I chose the name For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography because these truly are your photos, for your eyes and whomever you decide to show them to. Most of my work, including some of my best, no one will ever see.


What makes up for that, as a photographer, is the knowledge that not only will your photos empower you but also your experience. It will build your self-confidence and your self-esteem, you will look at your photos and say, "Wow...Is that really me!?"


Perhaps, you’ve always wanted to do something like this. Maybe this is the first boudoir website you've ever looked at, hopefully it is the last. Sit back, pour a glass of wine, enjoy learning more about For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography, and let yourself imagine what your boudoir experience will be.

Embrace. Express. Empower.


Ben Murray



Embrace. Express. Empower.


Ready to get under the sheets?

Or did you just wanna say "hi"?

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