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Bedhead Boudoir Sessions Capture Women's Raw Beauty

Bedhead Boudoir... capturing clients' "I Woke Up Like This" beauty both how they wake up and how they makeup. So in Summer 2016 we had our first ever For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography’s “Bedhead Boudoir” Photo Contest and Photoshoot Experience.

We started promoting the concept with a bedhead “selfie” contest. Participants entered by taking a selfie of themselves without makeup and with bedhead when they woke up in the morning, and then posting it to Instagram and Facebook and tagging us. The winner was randomly chosen, because it isn’t a beauty contest, otherwise everyone would be a winner.

Our clients came to the photo session without makeup. Hair, not perfect, messy even. For the first 10 minutes wearing what they would hear to bed – PJs, T-shirt & panties, lingerie, or nothing. This gave us the opportunity to shoot each woman in her natural beauty. Then each client sat with a professional makeup artist, Liz Medley, with Younique, for a quick, basic makeup application, before finishing their session.

Would the concept intrigue our clients? Would the photos and experience empower them as we hoped it would? There was only one way to find out… We asked each woman afterwards. I’ll let them tell the rest of their story in their own words...


Q: You made a choice to participate in our "Bedhead Boudoir" Photoshoot Experience... What intrigued you about the concept?

“I wanted to feel beautiful in my own skin.” Erin

“I loved the idea of capturing beauty in its rawest and vulnerable times.” Jules

“I am not a makeup kind of girl, so I really loved the idea of being able to be and feel sexy as my normal self. I wanted to do a session where I didn’t have to think about an outfit, hair, or makeup.” Berry

“The concept of part of the photoshoot with no makeup and 'bedhead' hair and part of the photoshoot done with professional make up application seemed perfect for me. The best of both worlds” Stacy

“This shoot intrigued me, because it focused on a woman's natural beauty. I just had to be a part of this photoshoot experience.” Lora

“To be able to actually ‘see’ myself in a different light was refreshing! It was totally empowering, I loved feeling comfortable in my own skin, it's rare to find when you work a full time job and have 5 kids...I know I'm a "real" person and this just showed another side to the real me...I felt this was the "best" version of me, it's how the people who know me and love me most see me every day.” Jules



Q: How did it feel to have your raw beauty captured?

“These photos were so different because they really captured ME. My personality and charm came out so much.“ Heidi

"Showing both sides of being captured with and without makeup and seeing how both still looked amazing was very empowering." Danielle

“It felt amazing! I have never felt prettier!” Erin

“Having my raw beauty captured made me feel absolutely amazing. I felt sexy, playful, beautiful and sensual.” Heather

“The photos were me. Plain and simple. The photos captured how I really look and it was nice to know that I was okay with that.” Stacy

“I'll admit, it was little intimidating to go without makeup, but it was also very freeing and extremely empowering to do so.” Lora

“It was so refreshing to shoot the bedhead session with no makeup and messy hair. I literally rolled out of bed that morning and went to the shoot. There was no stress. I felt beautiful and comfortable in my own skin. There was a sense of empowerment in finding the sexiness in my natural beauty.” Berry


Q: Did it feel any different being photographed with and without makeup? Were you more comfortable with or without makeup during the shoot?

“During the shoot I was most comfortable taking the photos without the makeup. It just seemed the most "me!" Stacy

“I always feel more comfortable with makeup, but being photographed without makeup gave my inner beauty a time to shine.” Heather

“I enjoyed both parts of the shoot. I felt sexy, but "like myself. In the part of the shoot with makeup I was able to step outside of my normal self, since I don’t wear makeup that often. It was so much fun to be sultry and sexy and pretend to not be awkward.” Berry



Q: What was your reaction when you saw the photos without makeup?

“I was surprised at how beautiful I looked without makeup. I had a terrible time deciding on which ones to choose, they all were wonderful.” Heather

“The photos captured the beauty that I don't always see in myself, and seeing myself that way helped me to remember to not be so critical of myself. That this is how my husband sees me. He doesn't see the things I consider imperfections, he just sees me.” Berry


Interested in having your natural, raw beauty captured in one of our "Bedhead Boudoir" sessions? Contact us today!

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