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Bedhead Boudoir Sessions Capture Women's Raw Beauty

Bedhead Boudoir... capturing clients' "I Woke Up Like This" beauty both how they wake up and how they makeup. So in Summer 2016 we had our first ever For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography’s “Bedhead Boudoir” Photo Contest and Photoshoot Experience.

We started promoting the concept with a bedhead “selfie” contest. Participants entered by taking a selfie of themselves without makeup and with bedhead when they woke up in the morning, and then posting it to Instagram and Facebook and tagging us. The winner was randomly chosen, because it isn’t a beauty contest, otherwise everyone would be a winner.

Our clients came to the photo session without makeup. Hair, not perfect, messy even. For the first 10 minutes wearing what they would hear to bed – PJs, T-shirt & panties, lingerie, or nothing. This gave us the opportunity to shoot each woman in her natural beauty. Then each client sat with a professional makeup artist, Liz Medley, with Younique, for a quick, basic makeup application, before finishing their session.

Would the concept intrigue our clients? Would the photos and experience empower them as we hoped it would? There was only one way to find out… We asked each woman afterwards. I’ll let them tell the rest of their story in their own words...