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First Photo vs. Fierce Photo

We don’t do before/after photos during our boudoir sessions at For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography. We are not a fan of the idea. We believe you are you, whether you’re wearing makeup or not, if your hair is done or natural. You are beautiful either way. It is one of the reasons we created our "Bedhead Boudoir" sessions. We know that the longer we shoot, the more comfortable you feel, allowing us to capture a side of you that emerges with that comfort.

Every client is nervous before their first boudoir session. For some, it takes just a few snaps of the camera for the nerves to settle. Others may need a little more time to reach that level of comfort where they are “feeling it.” Either way is perfectly fine with us!

One of our clients, Berry, remembers, "I was so nervous that I almost backed out. I am just about the most awkward person ever. But, Ben made me feel so comfortable and beautiful. I had so much fun and I'm glad I did it."

Other client, Danielle, explains here transformation further, "Once we started shooting, they made me feel comfortable and relaxed enough to have fun being myself and start enjoying the experience. I was in awe of the photos and saw myself from a whole new perspective."

We love portraying that transition from the first photo where you can still notice nervousness to one of the last “fierce” photos that show the confident and comfortable you. Below you’ll find some examples from some of our clients who are eager to show this difference and transformation visually,

Want your own boudoir experience and feel your transformation to fierce? Let us know!


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